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Building A Better Money Pipeline

Run Rate by Year End


Year     Viewers    Weekly Spots   Net to Charities


2023     500K             20M              $47M

2024         1M              40M              $94M

2025        2M              80M              $188M

2026        5M            200M              $473M

2027       10M            400M              $947M

  • We are custom building our Catalyst for Change mobile app based on underlying proprietary technology that replaces standard advertising on TV with content from nonprofits.


  • A corporate sponsor will donate funds from their existing programs designating the nonprofits they wish to support. We will deliver a PBS style thank you at the end of each spot. 


  • We are forecasting 500,000 users by the end of 2023. That means our nonprofit partners could receive up to 20 million views weekly.


  • That exposure has a known value to corporate sponsors. Each Catalyst App will generate about $400 annually in value. Our nonprofit members reap the benefits. 

  • Our member foundations and charities promote the Catalyst For Change App to their members and friends. The more downloads, the greater the funding! Both foundations and nonprofits can repurpose the content.


  • Through their corporate social responsibility programs, our corporate partners promote the app to their employees, audience, customers, clients, and stockholders, and repurpose the content for their use.


  • Individual app users share with their friends and family, thereby increasing collective impact across their friends' and families' networks.


  • Based on the number of average TV and media device viewing hours and average impression value, each Catalyst viewer is projected to generate up to $400 in recurring funding for their nonprofit annually.

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