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We Believe That Small Charities Deserve Equal Access to Nonprofit Resources



Catalyst for Charities fundamentally changes how small nonprofits have historically raised money. We are a tech-based entrepreneurial nonprofit whose goal is to enable small nonprofits and charitable organizations to more powerfully impact and meaningfully change their communities.


We work with corporations and foundations to create a continuous funding platform for their chosen charities. We create far-reaching visibility on network television as the source of substantial recurring passive funding.

How it works:

Catalyst For Charities

Through our free Catalyst app, anyone watching TV can passively create funding for grassroots charities as they watch their favorite sports and entertainment programing.



Sample Programming:

I'm Still Here 


Specially produced programing, depicting people and organizations engaging in Charity in Action, are substituted for 20% of the 22 commercials per hour on TV.


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