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By downloading our free Catalyst App you can direct money from corporate giving programs to nonprofits of your choice at no cost to yourself. 

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Together we are the Catalyst that will change the world.

As an individual: you can direct existing nonprofit funding to your favorite charities simply by downloading our free television app.


As a foundation: you can continuously distribute more funding than you ever thought possible to the communities you serve.


As a company: you can continuously give back to your community.

At Catalyst we believe in changing how the funding cycle works.

We deliver a sustainable funding stream to nonprofits.

We believe grassroots charities meaningfully improve and enhance vulnerable lives in incalculable ways.

See how we can help

Whether you are a small nonprofit, a large foundation or a corporation giving back to your community, we want to work with you!

We partner with corporations, Foundations, small nonprofits and charities.

We want to hear from You!

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